School Tests
School Tests
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Teacher: How are things at school?  학교 생활은 어떠니?
Student: It's pretty good. I've been very busy.  아주 좋아요. 매우 바빴어요.
Teacher: What have you been doing?    무엇을 했는데?
Student: I've been studying for my tests.  시험이 있어서 공부를 했었어요.
Teacher: What classes did you have tests in?  무슨 과목 시험을 봤니?
Student: I had tests in Math, Social Studies, Korean and Science.
          수학, 사회, 국어 그리고 과학 시험이 있었어요.
Teacher: How were your tests?  시험은 어땠니?
Student: They were very difficult. 시험은 아주 어려웠어요.
Teacher: How were your marks?   점수는 어땠니?
Student: My marks were excellent.    제 점수는 ‘excellent' 였어요.
Teacher: Congratulations!     축하한다!
Student: Yeah! I feel great! My parents gave me a present, too.
          예, 기분이 너무 좋아요. 부모님이 선물도 주셨어요.
Teacher: That's wonderful. What do you do in your free time?
           좋겠구나.  시간이 남을 땐 넌 무엇을 하니?
Student: I play computer games, watch TV, play outside, go to my friends'                 house and many other things. I love it!
         전 컴퓨터게임, TV보기, 밖에 나가서 놀기, 친구 집에 가기 그리고
          그밖에 다른 것들도 해요. 전 이렇게 노는게 정말 좋아요! 설봉신문

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